The fabulous visuals of photographer Miru Kim

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Miru’s work takes you some times to the guts of New York city, deep in places where no one dares to go, her visuals of nude self portraits within these unique strange places, that part of the huge infrastructure of our city our very powerful and unique, as well as some other visuals that we will include from her series “the pig that therefor I am”. We love her unique daring style and work, so here are a few visuals from her repertoire.

All rights reserved by photographer

6 Responses to “The fabulous visuals of photographer Miru Kim”

  1. Love your work Miru, with which I am already very familiar (the first series that really caught my eye were the subway shots). Must catch-up when I’m next in NYC. Wishing you every success, Thomas.

  2. Very beautiful yet haunting images. The juxtaposition of the human form with the environment is so powerful. Miru’s use of tone mapping to enhance the color and texture is inspiring.

  3. These are incredible! I love the images of the pigs with the women. The thought of comparing us with them, as we have many similarities, is wonderful! Very inspiring work!

  4. This is ‘WOW !!!’. ..with the pigs, food for thought.

  5. These are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great vision girl!

  6. Entrancing photographs, but then, so is the photographer.

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