TOMS shoes and Humanitari. WIN a copy of the book “start something that matters” our art contest

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Our blog has been selected by TOMS SHOES to be part of their Blogger program, a competition in which TOMS selected blogs that the company considers are doing something for change – blogs dedicated to promote things that matter.  We are proud to be selected and considered a blog that promotes things that matter (which for us includes art, beauty, positive social causes or important humanitarian messages)… and so we have joined TOMS to create our own competition:

Provide your best visual ever – a drawing, a photograph, a moment from a great art performace, a picture of your best sculpture, a GIF, a video with your music or poetry…  any form of art you want to submit.  A winner from all entries will be selected by our Humanitari curating team, and the winner will receive an exclusive free preview copy of the book by BLAKE MYCOSKIE, founder and creator of TOMS SHOES; the winner will also receive a two-day feature of their artwork on our blog and all of its branches.

Good luck, and “START SOMETHING THAT MATTERS”! all entries due by December 10th, 2011. SEND “SUBMISSIONS” to

copy of their email to us:


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