Let Women choose

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2 Responses to “Let Women choose”

  1. I am a woman. And I do not believe we have the right to take innocent human life.

    Abortion takes human life that has committed no crime. In my prochoice human development class, I learned that the baby’s heart begins beating at 3 weeks and the baby is fully formed at 8 weeks. After 8 weeks, the baby doesn’t get new organs — he or she just develops more and more! And since most abortions occur around 8 weeks and all abortions have to occur after 3 weeks (when the heart is already beating), then abortion stops a beating heart and ends the life of a perfectly-formed unborn child. When a beating heart stops, it’s called death.

    Other abortions end the lives of even more developed children. Abortions can occur throughout all months of pregnancy, including the age when babies can be born prematurely. Since babies that are capable of being born are still routinely killed by abortion, does that mean it is all right to kill premature babies already born if they are a hardship to the mother? I do not know of any sane mind that would consider it a proper “choice” to let mothers kill their already-born premature babies, yet such babies are routinely killed in the womb. This is nothing short of morally catastrophic. Aren’t we just like the American Southerners who said blacks were less than human, so they could be enslaved? Aren’t we just like the 1930s Germans who said Jews were less human and thus could be eradicated since they were “harmful”?

    No amount of hardship is justifiable as a reason for taking innocent human life. If a woman has financial or emotional difficulties, then she can find help in multitudes of pregnancy centers or adoption agencies. Yes, it will be hard, but ending the life of your innocent child is not the answer.

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