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Pen and old recycled envelopes, the magnificent drawings of Mark Powell

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Mark Powell


The beautiful art of Michael Peck

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Michael Peck’s artistic practice is concerned with the sensation of disorientation and dislocation that is often felt within the post modern world. Exploring issues regarding the loss of cultural identity, his work particularly focuses on the effects within minority groups and individuals existing on the fringe who are challenged to assimilate within the larger community. Take a peek at his work.

Michael’s art


Lui Liu’s brilliant imagination

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Lui Liu was born in March 1957 in North China and came to Canada in 1991. Speaking both Chinese and English fluently, Lui Liu possesses superb painterly techniques, his unique language that finds a wide range of audience around the world. His acquisition of techniques started during China’s Cultural Revolution when he was a young boy painting posters on the streets and continued in the most prestigious Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing.Through his paintings, Lui Liu creates a surreal world that transcends cultures and spaces.

Growing up in China and living in the west give him a dual role of being an insider and outsider of both worlds and afford him to “stand alone facing east and west, as he chooses,” wrote Barry Callaghan, a renown Canadian writer.

Lui Lui


ART of the week by Susannah Martin

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We discovered Susannah when we saw her article published at Saatchi, her work really inspired us, we asked her to be in our blog and describe in her own words her brilliant work, here are a few words by the artist while visiting NYC:
Every article of clothing,accessory, object that we acquire as good consumers contributes to our idea of identity which we form as a type of protection. Our “stuff” allows us to feel as if we are more than what we really are, mortals. While the stuff creates a psychological shield against mortality it also serves to define and separate us from one another, the haves from the have nots. It is however the things that we have in common which bring us closer to one another, not our differences. What we all share is our physical presence on earth, our interdependence on nature and our collective consciousness.
By stripping my people of their clothing I am stripping them of all social indicators, status, etc.. and this allows me to focus on their essential being and relationship to nature. The increasingly disturbed relationship between man and nature is at present what is behind the greatest threats to our well being as well as our future existence. To serve my purpose I have picked up a tie to a very classic art form with a long tradition ( at least before the 20th century) the nude in landscape. I am updating this classic appreciation of humanity and nature with a more contemporary way of looking; a more “photographic” aesthetic , more realistic gestures and compositions, less romanticism. Through this process, I hope to make my subject more accessible to people today, lest we believe that mans’ state of union with nature is a memory of the past, lost forever.

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